December Goals


Of course I have to make up some December Goals. It was really fun to look back at November when it comes to goals. This way you know what you did and all.

Actually it was really hard to come up with a few goals. That’s because my life is really going great these last few months. Last week was amazing and I had the best week of my life since a really long time. So to make it even better is a challenge. But I came up with a few, so here they are:

  • Less procastinating
  • Be more in nature
  • Draw and paint more
  • Do Yoga for at least 5 times a week
  • Meditate at least 2 times a week or do a mindfulness excercise
  • Go to the Christmas Market in Acken and in Valkenburg
  • Make Christmas dinner for my family
  • Celebrate New Years with friends
  • Get out of my comfort zone even more and do stuff I have never done before

I hope this month will be good. But I’m almost sure it will. I have a few exciting things already planned. On the 15th of December my best friend will come home after being away for three months. This is long compared with seeing her every weekend. On the 21st of December I have a concert of Dotan at the Ziggo Dome. And of course the monthly Let’s Dance and Mingle evenings with my student dance association.


Let’s make this month as sparkly as we are!

Love, Lien

Ps let me know what your goals are!



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