Goals for 2016

2016I now see that I forgot to post this post. I wrote it in the train to Maastricht, but of course the internet in the train is really bad, so I couldn’t upload anything.

After seeing some YouTube videos about new year’s resolutions I decided to make my own resolutions. But not just about losing weight, eating healthy and stuff, but serious resolutions.

I often make these deals with myself, but everytime I lose them. I can never stay focussed enough to make them come true, so this time I’m going to try and do it differently.

Free time related goals

  • Start a hobby, so pick up drawing and painting again (and don’t judge myself)
  • Do voluntary work

School related goals

  • Get my propedeuse
  • Make my internship the best!

Me related goals

  • Stay positive
  • Explore myself
  • Read selfhelp books

Health related goals

  • Try to go to bed on normal times when I don’t have any appointments for the evening, so before 00:00.
  • Meditate every week once (maybe this will be more, but I think I will start with once a week)
  • Work out 3 times a week
  • Pick up yoga again (this can be meditation yoga or just my work out yoga from yoga with Adrienne on YouTube)

Friends related goals

  • Cut the negative people out of my life even if that means let go of my past
  • Get out of my comfort zone more





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